TWL PVC Canvas

PVC canvas is a PVC coated fabric covering both sides or one side. Suitable for use in making umbrellas, advertising signs, car covers, tents

The structure of PVC canvas

  1. PVC surface layer - PVC sheet, Embossing, Color, Coating
  2. Fabric layer - Polyester fiber fabric Known as the Fujie fabric, Yamamoto fabric, Kunilon fabric, which is the trade name or the name in the artificial leather industry or in the advertising industry.
  3. PVC bottom layer (optional) - Like the PVC surface layer. Covering the fabric layer in the middle to preventing frabic from water.

*Kunilon fabric made of nylon fiber. In the artificial leather industry, it is called one-sided Kunilon fabric for Kunilon fabric with PVC layer on one side. Calling a double-sided Kunilon fabric for Kunilon fabric with PVC layers on both sides.

TWL structure

TWL structure 2

Main production machinery